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According to the Continuator of William of Tyre, when he arrived in Cyprus, Thierry requested Aimery I King of Cyprus to transfer the island to him, by right of his wife, but he was expelled and left for Armenia 432. .
GUY de Flandre (-Pavia. .
It appears unlikely that this subscription could apply to the son of Philippe de Loo, given his opposition to the accession of Charles as count of Flanders. .
Count Arnoul I his second wife had four children:.Robert de Flandre (-1331). .However, it is possible that " avunculus " was used informally as the counterpart of " nepos the latter being much less precise and possibly indicating a more remote blood relationship. .M (betrothed Jun/Jul 1209) - Angelina, daughter of mikael Komnenos Dukas Angelos Lord of Epirus his first wife - Melissene. .The rencontres paris 17 charter they cite is the following which does not specify the parentage of the two sisters named: Floreins Van Maldeghem acknowledged receipt of money from Guillaume Vanden Pitte in favour of Dame Marguerite femme du Floreins susdit et de Dame Jeanne sœur de Marguerite.She succeeded her brother in 1167 as Ctss de Vermandois et de Valois on his resignation of the county due to illness 419. .M christiane, daughter. .counts of flanders and comtes de hainaut.

The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names (in order) " Guillelmum Guodnem et Iohannem " as the three sons of " Guillelmo domino de Dampetra et Margaretæ specifying that " primo mortuo sine liberis in tornramento apud Trasegnies " 605. .According to Gade 522, Henri II Comte de Champagne was still betrothed to a daughter of Baudouin V Comte de Hainaut when his betrothal to Ermengarde de Namur was arranged. .The necrology of Lüneburg records the death "25 May" of " Mattild com " 156. .Count Philippe had one illegitimate son by Mistress (1 a) thierry de Flandre (-after 1207). .The necrology of Brogne records the death " XV Kal Dec " of " Margareta comitissa Hainonensis " 511. .The Continuatio of the Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis rencontre ado suisse records the marriage " in die Magdalenæ " in 1320 of " comes lium " and " unam de filiabus regis " 775. .
Robert of Torigny records the death in 1177 of " Petrus frater Philippi comitis Flandrensium noting that he had been elected to the episcopate of Cambrai but left the spiritual life 466.