Gynecomastia – Alternative to Surgical Treatment

Enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia affects tons of men in society. Some men get gynecomastia as an adolescent but many men get it as a teenager, then it goes away and comes back again as an adult. It is said in scientific circles that up to 60% of men have had gynecomastia at one point in time or another. In this article, I will be presenting a gynecomastia alternative to surgical treatment.

So you may be asking yourself. What is gynecomastia surgical treatment? In surgical treatment, the medical doctor or surgeon usually performs liposuction on the patient to correct the contour of the chest and also to make it appear more evenly contoured. In extreme cases, the doctor will sometimes cut away breast tissue in a process that is called excision. This process is very painful and expensive. The recuperation time for surgical treatment can vary from a couple months all the way up to a year. So what is gynecomastia alternative to surgical treatment?

The answer believe it or not is natural supplements. Over the past few years, several natural supplements have emerged on the supplement market. These supplements usually contain weight loss ingredients such as green tea extract, B vitamins and chromium picolinate. In some cases, you may even find supplements with turmeric.

Now, I am about to give you some tips when choosing a supplement.

1. You should check to see if the supplement has been patented. If a product is not patented, that does not necessarily mean that it will not work. However, a patent is a good way to make sure that the supplement is effective.

2. You should check to make sure that doctors endorse the product. A doctor typically will not recommend a product that does not work. If they did, they could lose their medical license for several years.

3. You should check to see if the merchant offering the product has as a money back guarantee. This means zero risk for you the consumer.


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