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Given that came to be the case, gay couples in Colombia have been legalizing their unions before judges or notaries since last July.
Hence, at least constitutionally speaking, there are no grounds to deny gay couples the right to get married.
The Republic's political team discusses the cost of President Trump's rally to the city of Phoenix, the Arizona Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex couple's rights and Gov.To date, however, no one has put forward a draft bill to amend the Civil Code.The author of this draft bill has referred to it as a different institution, for a different type of couple, seeking to achieve legal recognition and protection of same-sex couples rights.The non-matrimonial civil union draft bill may not be perfect and it may need amendments, but this is a challenge that needs to be met by the Peruvian Congress.Though unlikely, Congress could approve a gay marriage bill and take a significant step towards legislation in Peru femme cherche homme parana recognizing a reality of Peruvian society.Although a vast majority of Peruvians may still not be ready to accept gay marriage (even as a civil union the non-matrimonial civil union draft bill constitutes an important first attempt towards legal protection for gay couples.Most people who support this draft bill acknowledge that Perus society has not experienced such a change in its idiosyncrasy as to allow for fair debate over gay marriage and, while awaiting this change, the rights of same-sex couples are being kept on hold.Contrastingly, last September a draft bill on non-matrimonial civil union between same-sex people was presented before Perus Congress.
Among the most important rights that the draft bill seeks to recognize for gay couples are: entitlement to the same rights as first degree relatives (visiting rights in case of hospitalization, right to make decisions in case of an urgent surgery, to acquire Peruvian nationality.

According to Perus Constitution, Peru is a secular State, therefore religious opinions should not influence decisions taken by Congress.Perus Civil Code defines the institution of matrimony as a voluntary plan cul chambery union agreed upon by a man and a woman.Doug Ducey trying to repeal 'Obamacare.' Johanna Huckeba/azcentral.However, recent surveys show that approximately 70 of Peruvians are opposed to the draft bill; confirming that Peru is a conservative country characterized by a traditional macho mentality.In Colombia, the Constitutional Court gave Congress a June 20th deadline to legislate on gay couples rights, giving gay couples the alternative of resorting to a judge or notary to legalize their union should Congress fail to legislate by the imposed deadline.However, this draft bill does not aim for gay couples unions to be treated as regular civil partnerships, as these are presently regulated in Peru (which would likely involve yet a new amendment to Perus Constitution, with a complicated approval process).
Any religious or conservative traditions in this respect should be set aside, as these can only provide biased contradictions to the issue).