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Pragmatic: Research school in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, June-July 2014, Catania, Italy.
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Colloquium, May 2011, University of California, Riverside.
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Srinivas, Illinois Journal of Mathematics, Special Issue in Honor of Phil Griffith, 51 (2007) 237-254.

Algèbre commutative et ses interactions avec la géométrie algébrique, Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques, June 2003, Luminy, France.Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.ODP, time-Dependent Analysis Study (Spring '07 study of possible rencontre sex sur mulhouse multiwavelength contribution to PS analysis.Homological conjectures in commutative algebra: a conference in honor of Paul Roberts, May 2006, Snowbird, Utah.Separable integral extensions and plus closure, Manuscripta Mathematica 98 (1999) 497-506.Stabilization of the cohomology of thickenings, with Bhargav Bhatt, Manuel Blickle, Gennady Lyubeznik, and Wenliang Zhang, preprint.
PDF ODP Muon Energy Spectrum (Spring '09) Muon Spectrum Measurement with IceCube.