x plane com manual

Tap Quit to return to the challenge or tutorial summary screen or Retry to fly the same thing again.
Tap and drag up or down to adjust flaps up or down, respectively.
An efis can be called a glass panel as well.Tapping the Recalibrate button rencontre femme malgache tamatave will center the flight controls based on how the device is positioned at that time.You can also reverse the order of waypoints or delete the entire plan from this menu.Item number 4 in Figure 6 is the turn coordinator.When the bottom frequency is highlighted in a paler blue, you can use the inner and outer rotating knobs to change the frequency.The Glass Cockpit Panel The glass cockpit instrument panelthat is, those that use an electronic flight instrument system (or efis)display the same information as the steam gauges in the previous section, with a few additions.An instrument used in navigation which measures distance using the delay between the sending and receiving of a radio signal.Fighter aircraft such as the F22 Raptor, A10 Thunderbolt II F4 Phantom are equipped with guns, air-to-air missiles, and bombs in XPlane 10 Mobile.This is contrasted with VFR conditions (those operating under visual flight rules).Tap the plane icon in the bottom right corner to return to the flight.
The large dial on the button moves through the categories navigational, waypoint or nearest (shortened to NAV, WPT and nrst while the smaller dial moves through the sub screens of that type.

See the Flight Dynamics figure below.The XPlane app is very demanding on the hardware, so if you are experiencing problems, first try quitting the app entirely.Mobile-GPS Figure 4 : The G430 G530 in the Cessna 172SP To adjust the radio frequencies, tap the center of the large knob at the bottom to switch between controlling voice radio (COM or C) and navigation radio (V).Figure - Flight Dynamics : The image below illustrates the pitch, roll, and yaw axes of an airplane (which also apply to helicopters).Finally, the Start with Engines Running option allows you to start the flight with the engines off (known as cold and dark) or running.Tap on the push crsr button to activate the cursor in applicable screens, then use the dials to change what text is selected.
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Tap the gear near the bottom right corner to change your aircraft or region, or tap the white plane to the right of that and start flying!